Dear friends in Italy, Turkey and Norway,

during the last two weeks we`ve been working on the topic “Refugees welcome”.

Actually  we have 16 boys and girls from Syria, Albania, Afghanistan and Iran. Every day they

have two lessons German, then they spend the rest of the school day in their classes where they take

part in PE, Art or music, sometimes even in Maths or Science.

Some of them have to leave Germany because their home countries have been declared as safe

countries by the government. These countries are for example Albania or Kosovo.

We interviewed some of them. You`ll find little videos made with Buddy Poke in our folder.

There are also two photos .

The Buddy poke videos are made by Lena (7th class) and Niko (he`s new and in class 5, only 6 months

of English at school).  The boy with the hat is Romeo from Albania (the one who is sitting on the

floor in the photo) , the second guy is Javad from Afghanistan (the boy with the red shirt in the


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